SwissCore is a Swiss digital healthcare company with a unique commercial model for the treatment of chronic diseases in emerging markets


We are a global company with activities in more than 10 countries and direct operations in:

Swissmedic licenses


Own Medicines

1' 000' 000

Eligible Patients

Our Products

SwissCore provides a large portfolio of own medicines that are manufactured, transported, stored and audited according to Swissmedic quality standards.

About us

SwissCore’s Mission

To provide swiss quality healthcare for chronic disease patients that expands access and allows affordable health!. We aim at changing the healthcare ecosystem using technology backed ‘global best practices’ adapted to localized situations.

SwissCore’s Innovation

SwissCore provides innovative telehealth solutions and services in order to truly help patients suffering from chronic diseases achieve better health outcomes, prevent hospitalizations and reduce costs.

SwissCore’s Values and Ethos


  • Be honest, transparent and accountable.
  • Aspire for consistency, excellence and quality.
  • Keep a customer-first approach in finding comprehensive solutions.
  • Be cognizant of the dynamic customer environment and respond with efficiency and innovation.


We embody a culture of agility, excellence, empathy, safety, integrity and transparency in healthcare. Our penchant for global efficiency and local adaptability transforms the way we do healthcare.


Global teams across 5 countries comprising of experienced and motivated team members that live and breathe the ‘values’ and ‘ethos’ of SwissCore.

Sacha Haymoz

Sacha Haymoz

Founder and CEO
Serial entrepreneur with greater than 22 years experience in healthcare with Roche, PharmARC, BlueOcean ventures and SwissCore. Passionate about addressing inefficiencies in global healthcare.


Ashish Malik

Co-founder and Managing Partner
Over 25 years of healthcare experience in marketing, sales, consulting, medicines sourcing and entrepreneurial ventures. Passionate about using technology to improve health outcomes.

Other activities

Through the company’s vast experience in regulatory & sourcing activities we deliver unmatched services to selected business partners.

Sourcing and Procurement Services

Our team can ensure the sourcing of high quality pharmaceutical products, medical devices and consumables from manufactures as per the Swissmedic standard.

We currently provide more than 500 generic product references globally.

Regulatory and Dossier Management Services

We offer:

  • Dossier preparation (for regulated and semi-regulated markets).
  • Regulatory compliance and guidance.
  • Dossier lifecycle management with requisite gap analysis.
  • Dossier compilation and filing to concerned regulatory authorities.
  • Communicating with various project stakeholders for compliance.
  • Responding to regulatory queries from various regulatory agencies.